Gaida Kambon


Gaida Kambon is the Secretary General and 33-year veteran member of the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP),the revolutionary party of the African working class working for the unification and liberation of Africa and African people worldwide.

Born in a poor community in Panama, Canal Zone she traveled to the U.S. after graduating high school and studied social problems at New York Technical College, Brooklyn College and Columbia University.

Secretary General Kambonbegan her organizing work for the liberation and self-determination for African people in the early 1980s as a member of the National Black United Front in New York. She joined the African People’s Socialist Party after being introduced to it during this period and was soon elected to the leadership body.

As a member of the Party Gaida began to understand more deeply the relationship of the poverty and social ills found in the African community the world over to the historic dispersal, enslavement and colonization of African people by a parasitic social system called capitalism.

Kambon has organized on the groundfor black self-determination in African communities throughout this country, having been jailed for her work on several occasions. She has organized in New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Chicago and Oakland. Her Party organizing has also taken her toGeorgia and to St. Petersburg, Tampa and Cross City, Florida. She has built Party organization as well in the United Kingdom and in several countries in Africa.

Kambon recently returned from the streets of Ferguson where she was organizing on the front lines of the resistance there.

One of her most historic campaigns took place in 1982 when, under the leadership of the APSP, SG Gaida was a key organizer of the First International Tribunal on Reparations for African People in the U.S.held in Brooklyn

Using International law and covenants including the United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, the Tribunal charged the U.S. with the crime of genocide against African people in the U.S.After 3 days of testimonies by Africans from around the country, the panel of International Judges presiding over the Tribunal found the U.S. guilty of the crime of genocide and determined that the U.S, owed African People upwards of 4.1 Trillion dollars in Reparations.

Subsequently, for 12 consecutive years, Ms. Kambon organized Tribunals in cities throughout the U.S., making Reparations a household word in the African community, creating the impetus for the modern day Reparations Movement.

Over the years, Secretary General Kambon has led many struggles fighting to build dual and contending power programs in the hands of the African working class. She played a key role in historic Party campaigns such as Measure O, the Community Control of Housing Initiative put on the Oakland ballot in 1984 that won 22,000 votes. She also led the African People’s Childcare Collective and the Bobby Hutton Freedom Clinic in Oakland during this period.

Kambon was part of the Tampa 4 struggle in the early 1990s and the struggle to free an African falsely imprisoned in Cross City, FL.

Secretary General Kambon, has spoken to international audiences in Europe and Africa, and national audiences throughout the U.S. in communities and on campuses. She is a knowledgeable, dynamic and passionate speaker on the question of African Self-determination and self-reliance!