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Crisis Of Imperialism

Chairman Omali Yeshitela provides a unique and profound analysis of the crisis of this dying system of imperialism–a crisis brought about by the resistance of African and oppressed peoples.

Yeshitela sums up the crisis in the phrase, “the uneasy equilibrium between the past and the future,” the tug of war between the oppressors and the oppressed of this world that is steadily tipping the scales onto the side of the oppressed and freedom-loving peoples.

In his book An Uneasy Equilibrium: The African Revolution versus Parasitic Capitlism, Chairman Omali Yeshitela explains:

“It is clear that the present crisis of imperialism, as in the past, is being caused by the defeat of imperialism by the struggles for national liberation and independence.

“The U. S. and Western imperialist empire, built and sustained even now by ‘the primitive accumulation of capital,’ the theft of the land and resources from the oppressed peoples of the world, is bing shaken by the continuous struggles of the people to reverse the verdict of imperialism, to take back what is ours and to use it for our own benefit.”