• “One can perceive the urgency and significance of the well-known author’s dynamic presentation of politics, history and the black struggle in America. Yeshitela’s comments are bold. He shows that he is not afraid of the PATRIOT Act, new laws on civil rights, the FBI, CIA … He spells it out clearly with no holds barred.”

    The late Yuri Kochiyama was a lifelong activist for social justice, close friend and supporter of Malcolm X and ally of the African Liberation Movement.

    Yuri Kochiyama –
  • “From his ideas of African Socialism, to his anti-war and anti-imperialist speech against the (latest) war, to his remembrances of Malcolm X, Fred Hampton and African resistance fighters, Yeshitela gives us food for thought and, hopefully, fuel for action… It is hoped that young people, especially, will…read this book, so that it can feed their heads about the World, about Empire and about the necessity for Revolution.”  Mumia Abu Jamal is an award-winning journalist, political prisoner and author of the book, Live From Death Row.

    Mumia Abu Jamal –
  • Chairman Omali Yeshitela’s book An Uneasy Equilibrium: the African Revolution versus Parasitic Capitalism “offers a compelling description and explanation of imperialism while challenging the usefulness of traditional Marxist understanding…Addresses practically every idea/action involved in struggle. Raises a host of questions and makes an equal number of assertions.”

    Mack Jones is Professor Emeritus at Clark Atlanta University and author of the book Knowledge, Power and Black Politics

    Professor Mack Jones –

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ASI Secretary General

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